Friday, April 22, 2011

The Mayor's Charity Ball

My husband and I will be attending our first charity ball in many, many years.  We used to attend a couple of black tie events a year, but found we preferred to spend our time and money supporting events that forced us to get wet, sweaty and dirty.  Yes, we are drawn to triathlons, marathons, half marathons or any athletic event that allows us to compete against each other for a good cause. So when my neighbor asked if we would attend the Mayor's Charity Ball with them, I didn't hesitate to say "yes".  It would be fun to go out in something other than moisture wicking spandex.  But what would I wear? I mean, what do people wear to charity balls in 2011?  Especially, a charity ball being held in a tent, in May, on the town green, in the suburbs?  My neighbor wants to wear light and flouncy, I want to avoid looking like I'm reliving my prom, and we both agree we are not ready to accept the role of "Matron of the Arts".  The ball is two weeks away and I can divulge the following; I will be wearing vintage, I will be competing against my husband's choice of tie and cummerbund which is now trending a light green golf motif (ugh!) by Vineyard Vines, and I have already picked out my shoes.

I found these neutral Nine West patent leather peep toe sling-backs at Marshalls.  They have a slight platform making the higher heel very comfortable for dancing and I love the way the nude color elongates the leg. In addition this color goes with four of the five dresses I am considering, and best of all - they were inexpensive!  I have narrowed down my choice of dresses to three from my own collection of vintage. All are knee or tea length,  two are from the 80's and the other is from the 70's.   I have also ordered two dresses from fellow Etsy vintage sellers, one is an iconic dress from the 80's and the other is a ball gown from the 50's. Stay tuned this week as I share my options with you and make my ultimate choice.

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