Friday, April 8, 2011

Lighten Up For Spring!

It has been a long cold winter in the Northeast (with the exception of the Connecticut Huskies & Kemba Walker bringing heat to the NCAA Tournament - Congratulations to the Huskies!!!) but now its time to turn our thoughts to spring.  Put away those serious heavy leather handbags and lighten up!

Every purse collector should own one Enid Collins Jeweled Bag just for the sheer joy of looking at it! The ultimate 60's bag this one is known as "Summer Time"

My own attempt at being creative!
Embellished Paolo Masi Italian Handbag

You can't go wrong with a vintage wicker handbag from Hong Kong!
This one for Sylecraft of Miami

You can be a practical slave to fashion with this hot pink Italian Jelly Bag
 a perfect tote for spring showers!

These lightweight canvas bags are fun, colorful and many are reversible! 
Plus, they look great with this season's beige trench coats

The ultimate golf tote!
One of four colorful canvas bags being sold at the 2011 Masters

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