Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mayor's Charity Ball - Dress Option #1, The 50's Style Ball Gown

Having a wonderful collection of vintage evening dresses I thought it would be fun to actually wear one of them to the Mayor's Charity Ball next week.  However, as I began to pick through my dresses I quickly realized that choosing a dress was going to be far more complicated than I originally thought.  You see, as a collector and seller of vintage clothing I don't always buy items that fit me or are in season.  Most of my dresses are heavily beaded and really more appropriate for a winter formal.  I promised this week I would share my options with you, but I have to admit right now I'm utterly panicked and none of my vintage options are looking all that promising. Therefore as a safeguard I've sent my always reliable simple black dress to the cleaners.

Option #1 - The Fifties Ball Gown

I'd like to wear something colorful and a bit frilly to this event.  I found this beautiful dress by Alyce Designs at  Gotta Go Vintage on Etsy.  The dress is a lovely coral color and the boned bodice is completely beaded in small silver tube and seed beads.  The skirt is amazing with a double crinoline, a layer of coral satin, and two layers of coral tulle.  Since the beadwork really carries this dress,  jewelry can be kept to a simple pair of long white rhinestone or pearl earrings.  Silver sandals and a small silver bag would complete the outfit.  

Pros  - The dress is beautiful, would be perfect for a spring ball and no one else would have one like it.  

Con's - It doesn't fit.  When buying vintage one has to be very careful with sizing.  Vintage fabrics do not have any give to them and measurements must be taken literally, a  28" waist will not stretch to accommodate a 29" or 30" waist.  It could be argued that women in the 50's were smaller than women of today, but they also wore foundation garments to help those 29" waists fit into a 28" dress.  Even with the proper foundation garment I think I am beyond getting into this dress in less the two weeks, and since I want to eat, dance, laugh and breathe, this dress unfortunately is out.

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