Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Mayor's Charity Ball, Dress Option #2 - The 80's Ballerina Dress

My second vintage dress option for the Mayor's Charity Ball is a lovely navy blue taffeta dress by the House of Bianchi.  This dress is sweet ballerina styling which is uber trendy thanks to the Black Swan.  I think this dress was made in the 80's and since Bianchi is known for wedding and special occasion dresses it may have started its life as a bridesmaids dress.  The base lining of this dress is a beautiful plum satin and the blue taffeta overlay helps to create a lovely iridescence which is most notable with movement, making it a perfect dress for dancing.  The dress falls mid-calf and is flouncy and fun and ideal for a spring ball.  It looks great with the nude peep toe shoes below and I would add a wonderful gold contemporary wrap from my closet.  I still haven't decided completely on jewelry, but am leaning heavily towards the vintage Oscar de la Renta set below.

Blue Taffeta Dress by House of Bianchi

Reversible Gold, Blue, Turquoise Wrap - New

Vintage 1980's White & Blue Rhinestone Suite by Oscar de la Renta

Option #2 Pros & Cons

1.) It's a perfect dress, trendy with understated elegance.
2.) Matches my husbands tie and cummerbund which is now a colorful Madras Plaid set from Just Madras,
3.) It's safe.

1.) It might be a little young for me.
2.) Since I purchased it at a local thrift store it could be slightly embarrassing if someone recognizes it as their bridesmaid dress.
3.) The usual, its a bit snug but I can breathe.            
4.) It's safe.

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