Sunday, July 31, 2011


In less than a month Florence will be the home-away-from-home for my youngest who has the awesome opportunity of continuing his studies in art at the Institute of Palazza Rucellai. I'm hoping for some great works from him but in the meantime I'm thoroughly enjoying the great Florentine art and artifacts I've found on Etsy.

Flaming Trees Tuscon Landscape by Mary Elizabeth Arts

Tuscany Landscape by John Bragg Photography

Tuscan Hilltop by Chelly Harkness, Art of Happiness

Florentine Palazzo Gate by Serantoni Designs

For even more great items from these and other vendors check out the Etsy Treasury "Firenze" curated by me and found on my Etsy homepage.

Letters "F" & "R" by Studio Artemisia

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You Going To San Francisco

I swear, I'm not stuck in the 70's! although I must admit my current hairstyle is oddly similar,  I still wear clogs, and have been spotted in vintage peasant blouses and maxi dresses this summer.  That's me on the right {taken in the spring of 1979}, I loved that dress which was actually two pieces, a blousey top with tie and a paneled elastic waist skirt.  Notice the wooden clogs, can you believe we use to hoof around campus in them?

Get the look

One of my favorite shops to browse on Etsy is Between the Buttons Vintage. If you like 70's you should definitely check out this San Francisco based online boutique. They have amassed a fun collection of vintage 70's clothing which is superbly styled, modeled and photographed.  

Create your own look from Duncan Loves Tess

70's Gauze Dress $32
70's Crossbody Shoulder Bag $35
Wood and Rawhide Belt $24

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There's A New Man In My Life!

The first thing I did when I moved into this house was to remove the large gaudy doorbell that hung in the foyer. The doorbell played a lovely chiming bells melody that happened to be the same tune played by the doorbell in our very first home, a 1895 victorian my husband and I purchased as newlyweds.  Oh how I loved that house and the memories flooded back every time the doorbell rang, which was frequently with curious children exploring a new home and neighborhood.  The sentimentality lasted about a week or just long enough to get an electrician in to remove it.  That was 10 years ago and I have been looking for a unique, preferably antique, door knocker ever since.  I found this one a few weeks ago in a local antiques store.  I was exploring the recesses of a dark jewelry cabinet {the owner kindly allows me to pick through the jewelry without assistance} and there he was, on his side, beneath a pile of necklaces.  It was love at first site and since he literally fell into my hand we were obviously meant to be together.  My husband likes him too!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

When Pigs Fly at Duncan Loves Tess

Pigs must be flying because I'm having a sale!! use the coupon code, 3LITTLEPIGS, for 20% off all items in my Etsy store, Duncan Loves Tess. Today thru Wednesday {7/20} for those of you kind enough to read my blog.

I  want them all!  Currently being exhibited by Doris Dixon Antiques {Quakertown, PA} at the Brimfield Antiques Show {Brimfield, MA}.  Shelton Field B42

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Weekend At The Cabin

We had the most amazing weekend visiting good friends in the great North Woods of Minnesota.  Having strong ties to the midwest; our friends in Minnesota, family in Ohio and a son attending the University of Michigan (yikes), I had never been to the North Woods or Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our friends put us up in this lovely guest cabin on their property and spent the weekend entertaining us with golf, tennis, boating, fishing and great food!

Lake Life! Loved the Adirondack chairs on the dock, a staple on the lake

Me being artsy one quiet morning

Never really noticed before, but my own decorating style is influenced by the Adirondacks {with a little bit of wild west}.  These images from my boy's rooms.

The perfect skirt for a weekend in the woods.  In my Etsy shop now.
Susan Bristol Plaid Flannel Maxi

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorate Your Garden

I love this cement urn, I originally had two that flanked my front walkway until a roving band of teenagers hit the neighborhood tipping over flower pots.  This one survived and now sits safe and secure in the middle of a hosta grove in the back yard.

The "Giggle" sign was given to me by my husband as a Mother's Day gift.  Doesn't the word "giggle" just make you laugh?

I like to use art and sculptures in my gardens and with two children pursing degrees in the Fine Arts,  I find I have plenty of pieces to spread around.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with this clay sculpture created by my daughter whose pieces are often large and whimsical.  We found a home for it on the edge of a garden path under a forsythia bush.

This is one of my favorite sculptures.  My daughter created this piece from a discarded muffler and the paddles of a ceiling fan.  We fondly refer to it as the "Mosquito".  On its rebar legs it stands about 4' tall and looks down upon my perennial garden. An awesome cluster of yellow irises have sprouted next to the Mosquito which I can't recall planting.  Nature at work!

Not a piece of artwork but Duke as a puppy playing in his favorite grasses. Fortunately, these variegated grasses are really hardy!

Healthy grasses the dog doesn't sit in.  Love the green and white stripes!  And if you are looking for stripes check out the vintage 1960's black and white mini below.  Available at Duncan Loves Tess on Etsy.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Purple Hydrangeas and Laura Ashley

Some scenes from my garden on this glorious 4th of July 2011. The beautiful colors remind me of the lovely vintage Laura Ashley dress below, in my Etsy shop now.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Make A Splash This Fourth Of July Weekend

We took an early vacation this summer to Truro MA where we had one day of 80 degree weather and bright sunshine.  I was able to capture these great waves at the peek of low tide.  

Items To Take To The Beach

A Straw Bag

This great market tote is perfect for a towel, book and bottle of wine!

A Little Black Dress

Show off that tan, perfect for dinner by the ocean.


Vintage Judith Jack sterling silver, onyx and marcasite earrings