Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You Going To San Francisco

I swear, I'm not stuck in the 70's! although I must admit my current hairstyle is oddly similar,  I still wear clogs, and have been spotted in vintage peasant blouses and maxi dresses this summer.  That's me on the right {taken in the spring of 1979}, I loved that dress which was actually two pieces, a blousey top with tie and a paneled elastic waist skirt.  Notice the wooden clogs, can you believe we use to hoof around campus in them?

Get the look

One of my favorite shops to browse on Etsy is Between the Buttons Vintage. If you like 70's you should definitely check out this San Francisco based online boutique. They have amassed a fun collection of vintage 70's clothing which is superbly styled, modeled and photographed.  

Create your own look from Duncan Loves Tess

70's Gauze Dress $32
70's Crossbody Shoulder Bag $35
Wood and Rawhide Belt $24

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