Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorate Your Garden

I love this cement urn, I originally had two that flanked my front walkway until a roving band of teenagers hit the neighborhood tipping over flower pots.  This one survived and now sits safe and secure in the middle of a hosta grove in the back yard.

The "Giggle" sign was given to me by my husband as a Mother's Day gift.  Doesn't the word "giggle" just make you laugh?

I like to use art and sculptures in my gardens and with two children pursing degrees in the Fine Arts,  I find I have plenty of pieces to spread around.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with this clay sculpture created by my daughter whose pieces are often large and whimsical.  We found a home for it on the edge of a garden path under a forsythia bush.

This is one of my favorite sculptures.  My daughter created this piece from a discarded muffler and the paddles of a ceiling fan.  We fondly refer to it as the "Mosquito".  On its rebar legs it stands about 4' tall and looks down upon my perennial garden. An awesome cluster of yellow irises have sprouted next to the Mosquito which I can't recall planting.  Nature at work!

Not a piece of artwork but Duke as a puppy playing in his favorite grasses. Fortunately, these variegated grasses are really hardy!

Healthy grasses the dog doesn't sit in.  Love the green and white stripes!  And if you are looking for stripes check out the vintage 1960's black and white mini below.  Available at Duncan Loves Tess on Etsy.


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