Thursday, January 5, 2012

In 2012 I'm Embracing My Curls!

Yes, I am semi-retiring my flat iron for a curling iron and my wild kinky curls are sending me sweet kisses thru my scalp! But, since my hair has already enjoyed a long bohemian life I am most decidedly not giving it free reign.  With help from my stylist, lots of product, and a blaster of a curling iron,  I'm keeping my curls from spiraling (well really its frizzing) out of control!  Here's how its done,

The secret to styling curly hair is a good layered cut and lots of conditioner.  Some people recommend leaving the conditioner in after a shampoo. Since I have very thick and very curly hair, I prefer to rinse the conditioner out completely, towel dry my hair and then use a little Moroccan Argan oil.  I use One 'N Only Argan Oil which I purchase at Sally's Beauty Supply for $8.  A small bottle lasts almost a year. Next using a 2"-3" round brush I blow dry my bangs, around my face, and the crown. The rest of my hair I allow to dry naturally or in a hooded dryer.   Secret #2  - to avoid puff and frizz do not touch your curls while they are drying. Once your hair is dry use a 1" curling iron and curl over your curls.  I use a Hot Shot Tool that  heats up to 450 degrees.  You can add styling products as you curl depending on the look you are seeking.  Once your spirals are in place loosely pull your fingers thru them to create the desired look. Finish with hairspray.

For a curlier look blow out just your bangs and let the rest of your hair dry naturally (or in a hooded dryer).  It's tempting but don't touch your hair while its drying!  This look requires a bit more curling and product than the first look. Secret #3 - to maintain a smooth curl sleep with your hair pulled up in a scrunchie.  In the morning just shake out your hair and you should be good to go!

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