Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hollywood Witches

Since I can no longer pull off the princess costume, when I dress up for Halloween it's usually as a witch. I find it a simple costume to make, a slinky black dress and a witches hat is all you really need. One year I was quite ambitious and created a beautiful sequin encrusted tiered dress (yes, I stitched all the sequins on by hand) and with my husband in tow as my Munchkin, went to a party as Glinda from Wicked.  When you do a couples costume you are almost forced to stand next to one another the entire night.  Even so, we had to explain our costumes.  It got a bit tiring having to repeat over and over that my husband, who was dressed in striped socks, a bow tie and cap, green pants and carrying a large sucker, was part of the Lollipop Guild!  Glinda is still my favorite witch, but here are some other Hollywood Witches worth re-creating this Halloween.

Anne Nagel

Barbara Stanwyck
maybe not a witch but a great costume

Dusty Anderson

Veronica Lake

Ava Gardner

Billie Burke

and the most famous Hollywood witch of all......

Margaret Hamilton

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Has Arrived For Good

Pleated Skirts 1, 2, & 6 coming to the shop this week

Suddenly it feels like fall!  Columbus weekend is always a good time for me to switch out my closets.  Down come the cosy sweaters and coats from their attic retreat and away go the colorful dresses and skirts.  This annual dance I do is a bit of a hassle but when you live in a house built in the 1920s you sacrifice closet space for charm.  Actually, since I always forget what I have stored away it feels a little bit like Christmas every time I open a bin!  I have some exiting new items to add to the shop this week as well, so stay tuned!!  And, don't forget to take advantage of my Marathon sale - YES, the Baltimore Marathon is THIS WEEKEND!!! - take 26% off your purchase by using the code MARATHON at checkout.  The sale will be running (get it?) thru Mon. 10/15.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marathon Sale

You might be wondering what happened to me in September since I've been fairly consistent about updating this blog.  Well the second week I took some time off to enjoy the last warm days of summer at Cape Cod, and the first week I spent preparing for our vacation.
That's me tying to capture a sunset at the bay
The rest of the month I've been training for a marathon.  In addition to my weekly runs, I ran 17, 18, 19, and 21 miles on consecutive Saturdays in September.  Needless to say training has left me exhausted and with little spare time for blogging.  But it has all been worth it!  On Saturday October 13, I will be running in the Baltimore Marathon. I actually began my training in early June and I will admit,  it’s been a long, sometimes hard, and often boring four months. Hard work does pay off -  I’m ready for race day and to be honest, very excited! I’ll be running with my training partner aka, my husband. We have had a lot of "together" time so If you are there and see a couple bickering at the 20 mile mark, that’s us! Not to worry, we believe in the old adage "couples that run together stay together" and its worked so far.  Look for me in the Michigan visor since it's also game day - Go Blue!  In honor of our feet feat, I’m running a sale at Duncan Loves Tess from now until October 14. Use the code MARATHON and get 26% off. Yes folks, I’m doing the full marathon which is 26.2 miles!   For more info on the Baltimore Running Festival check out their website here:  
and congrats to all the runners participaing in the marathon, half marathon, team relays,  5K , and kids fun run! It’s going to be a great day!