Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hollywood Witches

Since I can no longer pull off the princess costume, when I dress up for Halloween it's usually as a witch. I find it a simple costume to make, a slinky black dress and a witches hat is all you really need. One year I was quite ambitious and created a beautiful sequin encrusted tiered dress (yes, I stitched all the sequins on by hand) and with my husband in tow as my Munchkin, went to a party as Glinda from Wicked.  When you do a couples costume you are almost forced to stand next to one another the entire night.  Even so, we had to explain our costumes.  It got a bit tiring having to repeat over and over that my husband, who was dressed in striped socks, a bow tie and cap, green pants and carrying a large sucker, was part of the Lollipop Guild!  Glinda is still my favorite witch, but here are some other Hollywood Witches worth re-creating this Halloween.

Anne Nagel

Barbara Stanwyck
maybe not a witch but a great costume

Dusty Anderson

Veronica Lake

Ava Gardner

Billie Burke

and the most famous Hollywood witch of all......

Margaret Hamilton

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