Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Inspiration Garden

I've been in a little funk this spring with respect to my gardens.  Maybe it was the late rains and cold we experienced here in the northeast that kept me indoors, or maybe my passion for my vintage business distracted me from garden upkeep (um....should I chill with my beautiful dresses or weed?) Whatever the reason, I was not excited to be working in my yard.  And so the weeds continued to grow and grow until I had one overwhelming mess.  What I needed was a jolt of inspiration which came to me last week after attending a garden party at the home of a friend.  Below are some images from her yard taken with my Samsung phone.

 One of four or five antique bird baths tucked in perennial gardens

 This garden bench sits on a steep ravine by a small brook

This very narrow back yard feels quite large with its high fence and low growing plants

 The fence was built by the owners from old barn boards

Notice the caim in the bird feeder

Every garden should have a metal sculpture

This antique church pew now serves as a step

10 years ago this beautiful yard was essentially a barron lot with a house planted in the middle and the pictures above are just a small sampling of its wonder today.  I was enchanted by the amazing variety of plants, the unique spaces that flowed one to the other, the use of interesting architectural elements and antique garden accessories, and the serene old world ambience. But what impressed me the most was that the entire plan was designed and executed without professional help.  Needless to say, the very next day I was back hard at work in my own yard inspired by the beauty I had seen the night before.  Maybe next week I'll be ready to share some photos of my gardens with you!

What did I wear to the garden party? A vintage green abstract floral print blouse from the 60s of course! How Mad Men of me!!

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