Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gypsy Caravans

I found this photo of a 19th century Gypsy caravan in a 1995 issue of Architectural Digest. This antique wagon resided on a county estate in England and at the time was being used as a "Wendy House" for the owner's three children.  I'm not really sure what a "Wendy House" is but I'm assuming it's an adorable name for a child's playhouse.  Partial to wagons in gardens, I spent a lazy afternoon looking at Gypsy caravans and dreaming of my own Wendy House.

There were six main types of Gypsy Caravans that roamed the world and some were far more extravagant than their utilitarian brothers.  You can learn more about their history and use {here}.

Until the time I find my own Gypsy Wagon I guess I'll have to stick with my marigold filled vintage Radio Flyer!

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