Monday, October 21, 2013

Riding in Tweed

I'm married to a MAMIL.  I'm not sure when the transformation occurred, sometime between the day we sold our last tagalong and my youngest child's graduation from college. It was a gradual change; the mountain bike was replaced by a hybrid and then a road bike. Loose fitting athletic shorts found their way into the Goodwill bag and lycra bike shorts and full body suits popped up in the laundry.  My husband's fifteen minute bike rides became all day excursions. While my husband was embracing the MAMIL lifestyle I was carting kids around from one activity to the next and we were happy.  Until the day he decided he wanted to be a MAMIL plus one. I guess I should be thankful the "plus one" was me, but in learning how to "clip-in" my bike shoes I've fallen three times, my seat is uncomfortable and I absolutely HATE the outfits. I know the shorts are supposed to provide extra comfort in the saddle and the shirts visibility on the road, but they are made for women the size of toothpicks. I just want to ride upright on my "Mom" bike in a cute Title 9 skort but try telling a MAMIL that!! From the look my husband gave me you would have thought I drove a stake through one of his reed thin tires! Then one day I came upon an article about the Tweed Rides.

Poster from the first Tweed Run - London

Originating in London (aka the Tweed Run) these rides are held throughtout the USA and encourage riders to wear traditional, preferably tweed, cycyling attire. All types of bikes are encouraged but the creme de la creme of course is a vintage bike (isn't that heaven? vintage clothes and vintage bikes!)  The rides are leisurely social tours often taking riders through scenic and historical parts of town.

{above photos courtesy of Worn Creative}

Bikes with baskets
My "Mom" bike

Me {kidding} but love the outfit!

These rides have been held in major cities across the United States and Great Britain but as far as I can tell there is no national organization behind them.  You can find more information by simply Googling "Tweed Ride" and your city, or check with your local cycling club. The best part of the ride?  No Lycra allowed!! 

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