Thursday, November 7, 2013

Paper Dolls and Vintage

I've recently become quite enamored with Polyvore which for me is essentially an online version of paper dolls. Since I don't have the resources for elaborate photo shoots at DLT, Polyvore allows me to show you through collage how vintage can be incorporated into a modern wardrobe. The above collage I've titled "Ski Weekend" and the concept was centered around the green sweater found in my shop {here}. I admit, I accessorize my garments to my own taste and I tend to be a bit conservative - although I prefer to think of my style as "classic".  What makes Polyvore fun for me is to see how other members use my items, as in the collage below curated by Typical Teenage Wallflower.

The kilim sweater on the left can be found {here} and while I would never wear this look, I love it.

This set was created by a member using a DLT vintage plaid skirts found {here}. Again, not something I would necessarily wear but fun all the same.  I must admit though, I made an eerily similar set minus the leather bustier. I named it "Sons of Tartan" and you can find the skirt {here}.

Sons of Tartan

Holiday Dressing

This set features one of my favorite DLT dresses and a bunch of items I can only dream about. I often cringe when a customer tells me they are going to re-purpose a vintage dress - I'm somewhat of a purist in that matter. But as you can see, in Polyvore I have shortened this dress and it hasn't impacted its period charm.

You can check out my other sets on Polyvore {here} or by clicking the link above. And, in Polyvore each item is linked should you wish to explore the lovely accessories included in each set.

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