Thursday, October 23, 2014

"You Had Me At Hello"

There has been a lot of talk this week about actress Renee Zellweger and her new look after a 4 year hiatus from Hollywood. I admit she does look shockingly different from the last time I saw her on the big screen, which was probably 10 years ago or more when the movie Chicago went to DVD (I don't get out much).  Well surprize of all surprises, women age!! She may have had her eyes done for medical or cosmetic reasons, but she looks like a healthy woman in her 40s and I hope we see her lovely face on the big screen again soon.

Speaking of hiatuses, I myself took a break from this blog.  After almost three years of buying and photographing clothing and running my Etsy shop(s), I too needed a little down time.  While I continued to update my shop, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, I was practically silent on my other social media sites.  Instead I enjoyed wonderful days in my gardens, time with my family and friends at the beach, long bike rides, and a round or two of golf.  Like Renee, this blog is evolving as it ages. I'm not sure what direction it will take this year but I thank all of you who drop by every day, whether I'm here or not!

And now for the goodies, new shop arrivals:

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