Friday, March 27, 2015

Fredericks Of Hollywood

Before there was a Victoria's Secret there was the iconic Fredericks of Hollywood. The brain child of Frederick Mellinger, the first Fredericks of Hollywood was opened in 1946 on Hollywood Boulevard. Mr. Mellinger was greatly influenced by the lingerie being made in Europe during the 40s and sought to bring those sexy styles to the USA.  He worked closely with the motion picture industry and is credited with developing the padded and push-up bras.  Fredericks of Hollywood's core business was actually mail order and with their racy catalogs and aggressive advertising the company gained a national clientele.  In the 80s, the company became a bit more mainstream when they opened shops in malls across America.  They tamed down their sexy image somewhat and added a line of clothing. The dress below is from that era. Still pretty sexy by 80s standards.

Vintage Fredericks of Hollywood Dress

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